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General services

Our range of services extends from general freight forwarding activities involving bulky and heavy goods on national and international routes to services as a road and rail carrier.

Universal management

All-round transport solutions from a single source

DAHER-HCS handles complete orders by rail, road or water transport – including obtaining the necessary transport authorizations, and organizing the entire logistics chain.» more

Equipment rental

Rail and road equipment rental

DAHER-HCS hires out special vehicles for rail or road transport throughout Europe, and makes them freely available to the customer for loading. During the rental period you are free to make use of our equipment.» more

Loading advice

Effective loading advice is the key to success

Our engineers can advise you on the safest method of loading, and on your choice of vehicle. The DAHER-HCS experts elaborate individual solutions to ensure safe transport management, and see to it that your transport equipment is used economically.» more

Freight car monitoring

Consignment tracking right down the line

DAHER-HCS has direct access to Railion’s freight car location information system, and will track your consignments right round the clock.» more


Service in all transport-related matters

Our customers expect more than just what is involved in the transport operation. We can put together a service package for you which will meet your individual requirements.» more


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